Mobile Application Development

The advent of mobile devices has radically transformed the delivery of IT business value for Enterprises. Leading mobile platforms are constantly evolving and the number of devices is exponentially growing. Growing on par with these mobile devices are the interconnected wearable and lifestyle devices such as watches, wristbands, thermostats and so on. These interconnected devices seamlessly connect to the mobile devices to enhance the user experience and drive business value.

To meet these ever-growing challenges, we develop, execute and deliver mobility strategies that will increase employee productivity, open new revenue streams and create a more connected workforce. We offer a full spectrum of solutions spanning the mobile product lifecycle – right from design to development and maintenance.

Our technology expertise and offerings in the mobile space comprises all the primary platforms including Apple iOS, Google Android, Amazon and Windows Mobile. We develop for both smartphones and tablets with the goal of helping our customers achieve optimal mobile ubiquity and a faster time-to-market at justified costs.

Efficiency Business Application Framework™

STP Systems has developed unique world class cross-platform application foundation called "Efficiency Business Application Framework". Efficiency Framework allows developers building complex and sophisticated application systems in fraction of time it would take using traditional methods.

Cross-Platform Interface


Multi-Server Architecture


Cloud Ready


SaaS Ready


Integration Engine


Highly Customizable