The following links provide more detailed information about some of the values which guide our philosophy and methodologies:

Agile Software Development
Software Craftsmanship
Minimum Viable Product
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Continuous Integration (CI)
Continuous Delivery

Our Philosophy

We take a great deal of pride in the positive results that our clients achieve with our help. The STP SYSTEMS leadership team has built a stellar reputation for being results-oriented, ethical business people who have a deep understanding of our clients and the insurance industry. Our clients view us as a valued business partner and we work creatively to earn their trust and respect every day.

Hire the Right People

There are good software developers and there are bad software developers. Our philosophy is pretty simple - Hire the good ones. STP Systems clients can have confidence that any software developer assigned to their project is knowledgeable, experienced, and talented.

View Clients as Business Partners

The conventional wisdom states that 50% of all software projects fail. You don’t want your project to fail. We don’t want your project to fail. Our goal is always a 100% project success rate and 100% satisfied clients.

To ensure success, STP Systems clients directly participate in all stages of a project, from concept to completion. When you hire STP Systems to create software for your business, you engage us as partners seeking a shared goal. Project success depends on your participation. STP Systems clients work together with our team to define requirements, complete project assignments, review progress and test delivered software solutions.

Use the Right Software Development Methodology

STP Systems employs an adaptable and effective methodology based on various Agile software development principles. We choose from the best of each methodology based on what works for our team, our context, and our clients. The primary goal always remains: deliver business value early and often.