Enterprise Resource Management System
for dynamic start-up company

The Client
  • Industrial technology innovator Start-Up Company (Joint Venture USA & Israel)
The Situation
  • Client is a young startup company which developed a unique industrial software product utilized in automotive, aerospace, defense, medical and other fields that require high precision parts manufacturing and inspection.
  • The company had experienced exponential growth in sales which led to a severe bottleneck in sales logistics, software distribution, licensing, customer training and customer support.
  • Client needed to automate and standardize their sales, software distribution and licensing processes as well as have a fully integrated E-commerce website.
The Challenge
  • Client did not want to purchase a full-blown Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP) and spend considerable amount time customizing it for their specific business needs.
  • The key criterion for the Client was the direct integration of the front-end Website with the back-end ERP system and ability to fully automate sales life-cycle, licensing, distribution and customer support
The Engagement
  • STP Systems conducted technology evaluation and feasibility study arriving to conclusion that none of “out of the shelf” products (including Software as a Service SaaS solutions) would meet Client’s goal taking into consideration the budget and delivery time frame.
  • STP Systems took responsibility to design, develop, deliver and maintain a custom “build to suit” Information Management System which includes a unique blend of ERP fundamentals, CRM, E-commerce and RIA systems.
The Solution
  • STP Systems developed a “light” Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP) combined with highly attractive consumer-facing Rich Internet Application (RIA) that includes integrated E-Commerce and Helpdesk capabilities.
  • The focus of the system is to manage and automate all aspects of Client’s business process, manage customers, track sales activities, facilitate software distribution and license fulfillment.
  • The system includes back-end desktop client-server type ERP-style application and completely integrated front-end website based on DotNetNuke Content Management System (CMS).
  • The solution is based on Microsoft .NET technology and is built using STP Systems proprietary “Efficiency Business Suite” platform that allows rapid application development leveraging agile software development techniques.