Enterprise Learning Management System  
for fast growing medical college

The Client
  • Privately held Medical College in Chicago area (Illinois USA)
The Situation
  • Client had an outdated information management system that was inadequate to support diverse college business processes in the first place (many processes were handled by simply typing data in Excel tables).
  • The school was expanding rapidly so it badly outgrown not only their internal information management systems but also their website.
  • Client was looking for comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) which will take care of both back-end information management for the entire college business needs and front-end system - student facing website.
  • School management was evaluating several brand name Learning Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems however none of them could be easily customized for medical college specifics.
The Challenge
  • The solution client was looking for must be extremely flexible to support diverse college business processes but at the same time it should have an ability to quickly adapt to ever-changing business needs and school procedures.
  • Client did not want to expand its IT Department or build their own R&D to support their IT needs.
The Engagement
  • STP Systems created an offshore team that became an integral part of Client’s IT Department.
  • STP Systems took responsibility of an entire Client’s Information Management needs including school business analytics, design, development, deployment support of custom “build to suit” Enterprise scale Information Management (IMS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS).
The Solution
  • STP Systems developed a custom Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) which takes care of planning, delivering, and managing learning events for the entire school, including training programs administration, student management, student progress tracking, educational records managing, documentation and reporting.
  • The focus of an LMS is to manage all aspects of learning programs, manage students, keeping track of their progress and performance across all types of training activities.
  • The system includes back-end desktop client-server type School Information Management System (IMS) and completely integrated front-end website based on DotNetNuke Content Management System (CMS).
  • The solution is based on Microsoft .NET technology and is built using STP Systems proprietary “Efficiency Business Suite” platform that allows rapid application development leveraging agile software development techniques.
  • Web application utilizing multi-server configuration based on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure and services.