The following links provide more detailed information about some of the values which guide our philosophy and methodologies:

Agile Software Development
Software Craftsmanship
Minimum Viable Product
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Continuous Integration (CI)
Continuous Delivery

Our Values

STP Systems is known for great people who deliver insight, innovation, and impact to colleagues and clients through trust, leadership, and collaboration. We are committed to building great systems for our clients, building great software for our industry and building a great company.

People First
  • People are the foundation on which clients are supported, outstanding work is generated, and value is created
  • Placing people first means energizing and exciting ourselves and our people for the work we do, for the way we do it, for our teams and for the STP Systems team, and for our clients and their results
  • We celebrate behavior that supports our individual diversity
  • We invest continuously in our people to build depth and breadth in their individual careers
  • By understanding and connecting with each other, we will see ourselves and our people achieve beyond our expectations
  • We communicate transparently and share information broadly and regularly
  • We are committed to developing deep and sincere client relationships
  • We operate with the highest standards of ethics and integrity
  • As a one-firm firm, we do not tolerate behavior inconsistent with our values
  • We require teamwork based on respect for people and skills, clients, investors, and the firm itself
  • We share rewards, power, and responsibilities amongst those who earn them
  • We create an environment where ideas and action are valued based on their merits regardless of their origin in terms of an individual’s profile, background, or experience
  • We believe that our differentiation in the market comes from the diversity and depth of the skills and experiences of our people, and our ability to apply them in a seamless manner to solve our clients’ problems
  • We will be led by recognized and respected business leaders
  • As leaders, we focus our energies in the right way, and for sustained periods
  • We believe that leadership starts with having the right values (and a commitment to live those values), a meaningful purpose, and ambition that is worth the required effort