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Efficiency Business Application Framework™

STP Systems has developed unique world class cross-platform application foundation called "Efficiency Business Application Framework". Efficiency Framework allows developers building complex and sophisticated application systems in fraction of time it would take using traditional methods.

Cross-Platform Interface


Multi-Server Architecture


Cloud Ready


SaaS Ready


Integration Engine


Highly Customizable


Efficiency Framework in a Nutshell

Efficiency Business Application Framework offers several exceptional qualities like an ability to develop client-server, stand-alone and multi-server integrated applications.
Efficiency provides built-in cross-platform capabilities which allow building integrated user interfaces for Desktop, Web and Mobile applications.

STP Systems core technology - Business Applications Platform "Efficiency" - is mature framework having number of on-site and hosted installations (including cloud), serving our SMB and Large clients worldwide since 2007.

Efficiency was created to streamline and standardize all our R&D projects, also having in mind needs to evolve and support systems after they launched.

Key Features

Here is a short subset of the framework key features:

  • XML is used to define user interface, and the format is common for all supported platforms (currently Windows desktop apps, Web, Windows CE and Mobile, Mobile HTML5). Web-interface contains some formatting, but as extension to standardized definitions
  • Metadata definition and standard data-providers allows to create up to 80% of solution without actual coding. SQL statements are generated by the system for CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) automatically from short XML definitions, even for complicated joins and filtering
  • Business logic is running under runtime that is universal for all supported platforms. Runtime is configurable by XML as well, which allows modular structure of application, reuse of components and ability to replace obsolete with new ones
  • Security roles, authentication/authorization, logging and all other features of enterprise applications are built-in Reporting engine allows to create any Word, Excell or PDF reports
  • Built-in CRM features include - e-mailing engine for cool-formatted HTML messages with any attachements, phone and address UI controls opening Skype or Google Maps, integration with mass-mail service and more
  • Integration engine is quite powerfull and support wide range of data formats () and transport protocols (). All data exchange could be logged, including actual data submitted/received