Who We Serve

We work with emerging start-ups, small, medium and large sized businesses in a wide-variety of industries.

Our clients are innovative technology leaders, where great user experience and world class technology execution differentiate their offerings in highly competitive markets.

STP Systems has built its business model by serving companies who depend on excellent software quality for a competitive advantage. Whether for private sector, Fortune 500-level companies or government agencies, STP Systems offers its depth of experience to maximize software quality and efficiency with a combination of carefully measured practices and personal accountability.


Our customers include a number of start-up companies. Start-ups choose us for a number of reasons, some of which are included below:

  • Flexible, adaptive engagement approach
  • Advantage to scale up as per needs
  • Thorough on-boarding process ensuring productivity right from start
  • High quality, yet affordable
Small and Medium

Many small and medium sized companies select STP Systems to expand their product offering. Below are some of the reasons they choose us for:

  • Ability to re-architect existing product to a more scalable, robust next version
  • Opportunity to co-develop with existing in-house developers
  • Access to a diverse skill set, including mobile, enterprise, web and social media
  • Rapid time-to-market
Large Enterprises

Our customers include Large Enterprises that select us for outsourced development. Enterprises cite some of the following reasons for selecting STP Systems:

  • Well-rounded expertise: requirements gathering, user experience/ usability, development
  • Flexible, yet highly disciplined process ensuring iterative development
  • Innovative, agile partner
  • Reliable partner with excellent reference and past successes