Warehouse Management Solution
integration with Personal Data Terminals (PDT)

The Client
  • International shoe manufacturer headquartered in Colorado USA
The Situation
  • Client is a famous footwear maker who has a worldwide distribution network.
  • Client had an inefficient and outdated solution for Personal Data Terminal (PDT) devices used in the large regional warehouse. 
  • The company is experiencing a steady sales growth which led to a supply chain bottleneck in one of the regional warehouses.
  • Client needed radical improvement of warehouse management system to cope with workload and satisfy their franchisee's requirements.
The Challenge
  • New WMS solution should replace existing one and incorporate logistic processes that are not covered by existing system as well as it has to improve operation time for PDT scanning and data processing cycle.
  • The solution has to make PDT instantly connected to Warehouse Management Software using wireless technology.
  • Users should be able to print labels, documents and reports right from the PDT device.
  • PDT software should support multi-scanner mode with automatic data exchange to allow team of operators scan large order simultaneously.
  • PDT application has to have comprehensive fault tolerance and failover redundancy.
  • New system has to be seamlessly integrated with corporate ERP system.
The Engagement
  • STP Systems made a feasibility study and determined that increasing the amount of PDT devices would not resolve a bottleneck because there are other physical constrains like limited amount of docking stations and limited loading area.
  • The solution is to automate and streamline warehouse business processes as well as increase the scope and systematize non-automated logistic processes.
  • STP Systems took responsibility to design, develop and deliver a Warehouse Management System extension which includes multi-server architecture on the back end and unique PDT application for front-end.
  • Our team members spend many hours at the client site learning the process as well as testing the solution. STP quality assurance team was actually working together with warehouse team to help them process thousands of product articles using new PDT software.
The Solution
  • The warehouse process automation solution developed by STP Systems has a unique PDT application that is seamlessly integrated with corporate ERP system.
  • PDT application has an innovative interface that supports finger input on Win CE devices instead of traditional stylus input.
  • STP Systems had implemented multi-server system architecture where each server has its own distinct role (PDT communication, hub server and ERP communication). Servers are located in different places thus using special synchronization mechanism with built-in fault tolerance, failover redundancy and communication traffic optimization.
  • The system includes back-end desktop client-server type ERP-style application and completely integrated front-end PDT application.
  • The solution is based on Microsoft .NET technology and is built using STP Systems proprietary “Efficiency Business Suite” platform that allows rapid application development leveraging agile software development techniques.