The Labs

Personal Data Terminals

STP Systems implemented its Business Application Platform Efficiency™ on industrial Win CE / Win Mobile devices including various PDTs and Micro-kiosks.

Key features of the software:

  • Android/iOS-style interface even on Win CE - simple finger gestures, use of graphics and styles, nice although functional look
  • Offline mode using MS SQL Compact Edition
  • Transactional data exchange with server over WiFi
  • Calls to server-side business logic which allows generating complex reports, printing, emailing and etc.
  • Fault-tolerant design - centralized updates, self-diagnostics, self-recovery and comprehensive network and hardware fault tolerance.

The system is based on Efficiency™ framework which has extensible modular architecture and XML driven configuration. This allows vendors to develop highly customized solutions which can delivered in a record time.

We have already delivered several complex customized solutions to a number of our clients.

Public Monitor Solutions

STP Systems is developing an innovative software solution for delivering dynamic content to publicly installed monitors. The solution is built on top of the Efficiency for Mobile™ platform which utilize HTML5 technology. The content is delivered through an HTML5-enabled web browser. The typical application is running on inexpensive portable Android devices like GoogleTV.

Key features of the software:

  • Centralized content, channel and monitor management
  • Built-in standard applications like slideshow, video presentations, tv channel rotation and etc.
  • Easy to configure real-time data visualization (KPI)
  • Any smart phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and etc) can be used as tv application remote control
  • The system supports multi-user remote control capabilities which makes tv monitor application  suitable for interactive applications (votes, polls, gaming and etc.)

Examples of usage include - KPI or process status monitoring for businesses, informing employees or students about availability of meeting rooms (time, agenda), company information for employees, ads and video for clients and so on... Even some weird applications are possible, like public chat and games in café if someone actually needs them.

We recognize that usage of public monitors by businesses is more about evolving their management culture. Key information immediately available any time on the screen works much better than calling specific programs on PC/notebook or asking someone for report. And its affordable and its nice!