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Cross Platform Application Development

Business Imperatives

STP Systems offers out-of-the-box and cost effective cross platform software development services across a plethora of computing platforms including Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Our cross platform development methodology protects your mission critical applications against the future and makes them portable today and future ready tomorrow in an effective and efficient manner.

It is critical that whatever be the future of computing platform, software development should adopt such a methodology, which should make the software applications future proof and future ready. This is where cross platform application development comes to rescue and has a vital role to play.

High-speed Application Development

As the code developed for one of the platform provides a launch pad for development for another platform; only one team of developers can simultaneously design and develop hybrid apps for various mobile operating systems, drastically reducing time-to-market.

Lower Development Costs

Hybrid apps are developed in a shorter time-frame thereby reducing development overheads. Moreover, chosen development platforms are open source, and hence come free of cost.


Since the tools might not support the new features added in Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems, our developers ensure that the lag is filled through customizations.

Plugins, Libraries, and Development Frameworks

We have a vast resource of useful plugins for common APIs like GPS/location sensors, accelerometers, cameras, etc. This enables our developers to write a hybrid code that can interface with all the operating systems.

PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap is an open source hybrid mobile app development framework that enables faster app creation using standardized web APIs using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. PhoneGap is highly liked by developers as it grants access to features like location-based/GPS sata, camera, accelerometer, multi-media, etc. PhoneGap also offers cross-platform simulator for easier app development.

STP Systems has been successfully developing hybrid mobile apps using PhoneGap. Our PhoneGap developers are a part of the open source community and are always a step ahead in developing new functionalities for your apps. We design highly dynamic apps that offer great user experience across all mobile operating systems and devices.